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We’re proud to introduce Veerspace Media! A video marketing and distribution company exclusively available to clients based in San Antonio. Let us help you bring your marketing into the 21st century.

Full-Service Production

Awareness Packages

Our Awareness packages are perfect for brands just starting out in digital marketing and social media. The Veerspace advertising team will promote your videos with an eye towards getting views on digital platforms. Awareness gets eyes on your brand and brings much-needed name recognition.

Engagement Package

The Engagement package goes one step further. With this option, we can upload and promote your videos with an emphasis on encouraging audience engagement with your brand. That means we will target audiences most likely to “like” or comment on your content and follow your page. Engagement helps you to build a relationship with your potential buyers.

Lead Generation Package

With lead generation, we will not only advertise your content, but we will also create funnels based on your videos which will generate strong leads. We will keep track of those leads and send them to you automatically. No matter which package you choose, Veerspace Media will work to gain awareness, interest, and action for you and your brand.

Our Videos

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We’ve helped clients across the country increase their revenue with quality videos and digital advertising. I’m Ready! Are you?