Do You Love Your Community?

This February, we’ve been talking about people in Doctor’s lives who could use a little extra love. In our past two blog posts, we talked about showing your patients and your staff some extra care. Today, we’ll be talking about a much larger group of people who need your attention too. Your community.

Of course, your patients and staff are part of your community. But, when you get involved with the community at large, outside of your patients and staff, you prove that you want to be a part of the area for the long haul.  

So, how can you show your community some extra love this February? We’ve got some ideas.

Sponsor a Community Event

There are a lot of things going on in your community. From health fairs to charity races. All of those events need or, at the very least would like some capital to make the event as pleasant as it can be. If you have equity, sponsoring those events are a perfect way to get your name out in the community. You could also consider being a co-sponsor with another doctor’s office or business. Having your name connected to a community event is not only a great way to get your name out there and entice potential patients to check you out, it’s also a perfect way to show the community what you stand for, where your values are and what you want to give the population in the long term. By sponsoring and becoming involved in events around the community, you let potential patients know that your future is tied up with theirs. You become a staple in the neighborhood. Not just for patients who utilize your services but even for people who have never stepped through your door.

Hold an Open House

Open houses are the perfect opportunity to show the people in your community who you are and what your practice can offer them. This is especially important if your practice appeals to a high-end clientele. Medspa and aesthetics practices can sometimes feel removed from the average member of the community. Open houses are the perfect way to make your practice feel open and welcoming to anyone who is interested in your services. Open houses can also be a great way to gauge community interest in certain products and services you offer. If you notice that more people seem interested in your filler services than your skin care products, you’ll have a better idea of what to emphasize in your specials and sales going forward. Think of it as community engagement and market research all rolled into one!

Connect with Local Charities on Social Media

Social Media has become the bedrock of business in the 21st century. It’s also become the bedrock of communication and not just between you and your patients. If you want to prove your worth to your community, it is a great idea to start on Social Media. Look up local charities that share a connection with your vision for your practice. Many communities have health-related charities. When you find these, follow them on Social Media, comment on and share their posts and message them with ideas for collaboration. When your patients see you sharing and commenting on charity and non-profit organizations in the area, it sends a message that you’re interested in more than filling your patient panel. You’re interested in making your community a better place.

Giving back to your community is about more than marketing and getting new patients. It’s about proving that you care about more than just your bottom line. When you create a bond with people in the community, it means that you genuinely want to help the people around you. It proves you want growth for your community the same way you want growth for your practice.