Do You Love Your Staff? Tips for keeping talented people at your practice
Happy Valentines Day! In honor of this month of love, we’re highlighting people who you and your practice can show give a little extra love too. Today, we’re focusing on the people who may need some extra love more than anyone else. Your staff.
When it comes to employee appreciation, there’s an anecdote we love. A professional waiter we know once explained his experience between his first job at a local fast food restaurant and his current role at a very upscale restaurant in Los Angeles.
At his first job, the staff was continuously monitored to make sure that they did not “steal food.” Even at the end of the night when pounds of french fries and hamburgers were being thrown out, the staff were not permitted to eat the leftover food or take it home to their families.
Needless to say, the turn over at this fast food restaurant was extremely high.
Compare that to the upscale restaurant. In this position, everyone on staff from the manager to the busboy gets 2 free meals every shift. These meals can be eaten on the clock. That is in addition to extremely competitive pay for the restaurant industry.
Positions at the upscale restaurant are coveted and staff turn over is extremely low.
The moral of this anecdote is clear. If you take care of your staff, your staff will stay with you.
This isn’t just true of the restaurant industry. It’s also true of your practice.
Whether it’s your front office receptionist checking in patients or your Nurse practitioner taking over appointments when your calendar is full, A great team makes for a great practice. And, if you take care of them with more than monetary rewards, you can make sure that your great staff stays with you for the long run.
How can you show these fantastic people some extra love this Valentine’s day? We have a few ideas for you.
Create an Employee Reward and Recognition Team
Everyone likes to be recognized. Your staff is no exception. But, even when someone on your staff does something beautiful you might not get to hear about it. You are busy after all. That’s why it’s essential to assign members of your staff to recognize when others do great work. Have certain staff members keep an ear out for excellent customer service, excellent attention to detail or strong sales technique. When they recognize great, have the rewards team recommend unique gifts, bonuses or other incentives. By delegating staff recognition to other staff members, you’re ensuring that your staff feels appreciated without sacrificing your time or your patients.
Highlight an Employee of the Month
We know. An employee of the month award sounds like a silly, honorary title they give out at fast food restaurants. But, studies show that recognizing outstanding employees our regularly, whether that’s every week, month or year improves workplace morale and lessens workplace stress. Usually taking the time to acknowledge a high performing employee in a public manner like this will definitely help your staff feel appreciated without you having to spend extra money on bonuses or monetary incentives.
Offer good staff discounts on your procedures.
Running an aesthetics practice puts you in a unique position. Unlike other medical practices, you offer services that anyone can take advantage of. That includes your staff. Because of that, it’s a great idea to have substantial staff discounts in place. Especially for your most popular aesthetic procedures. Not only will it make your staff feel valued, but, when they have a good experience with a procedure at your clinic, they can relate that experience to your patients and even their friends. Being kind to your staff can pay off in a big way when it comes to growing your practice.
These are just a few small ways you can tell your staff how much you appreciate them. We’re sure you can think of more.
But, no matter how many bonus’ or staff incentives you implement, remember, employee satisfaction often starts with the boss. Come to work with a smile and a positive attitude, (no matter how hard that may sometimes be) and your staff will follow suit.
When you treat your staff the way you would like to be treated, they will be much more likely to show you some love in return.