Do You Love Your Patients?: Tips to show your patients love and keep them coming back to you
Do You Love Your Patients? Tips to show your patients love and keep them coming back to you
“Patient experience” and “Patient first clinics” have become big buzzwords in the healthcare industry. This is especially true for Cosmetic Surgeons, Medspa owners, and other specialists in the aesthetic industry. Without health insurance to provide an anchor for patients, it’s easy for people who feel they have not been adequately taken care of to go down the street to a competitor for a second opinion.
This means showing your patients love is crucial.
It’s important to remember that providing an excellent patient experience often has little or nothing to do with clinical competence. Instead, it has to do with the atmosphere in your office, the amount of attention you and your staff pay to particular patients, and whether or not your patients feel valued.
So, how do you make your patients feel valued enough that they come to you for all their aesthetic needs? We’ve got some tips to help.
  • Create a Patient Loyalty Program
Everyone likes to feel valued. Your patients are no exception. When patients have come to you for several treatments, they may expect some form of recognition. That’s where patient loyalty programs come in very handy. Having a system to reward return patients not only gives affirmation of your appreciation to your regular patients, but it also encourages new patients to return. If there’s an incentive to return, patients are more likely to come back to you for their future treatments.
  • Have a Welcoming Office
Keeping patients happy starts with your office. The atmosphere of your office, including your staff, the items on the walls, reading material, etc., creates the very first physical impression of you and your practice. If your walls are empty, your magazines are out of date, or your front office staff is rude, abrupt or unwelcoming, it creates a very negative impression. If you want to show your patients that you love and welcome them, make sure your front office is providing the atmosphere you want. Whether that means customer service training for your staff, new brochures or zines for your tables or artwork, relevant posters, etc. for your waiting room walls, do everything you can to make sure your patients feel loved and welcomed as soon as they come in.
  • Follow up with them after their treatment
This is something many practices already do. If you don’t, this month of love is an excellent time to start a good follow up process for your patients. After a patient finishes a treatment with you, don’t wait for them to call you with issues or questions. Instead, a couple of days after the procedure, give them a call to ask how they are feeling. Being proactive in your patient follow up with assure your patients that you genuinely care about more than just their pocketbook. It shows that you want to create a long term relationship with them. Believe us, they will appreciate that.  
Following these steps may or may not bring you an avalanche of new patients. But, they will definitely ensure that your current patients feel loved and valued. And, making sure you retain your current patients is every bit as essential as new patient outreach.
For more tips on showing your patients, staff and yourself some extra love this February, keep checking our blog this month!