Keeping Up with Doctor Jones: Tips for Making Sure You’re Keeping Up with Social Media Trends
We live in a fast-paced world. Social Media seems to have made it even more so. Every time a new trend comes out, there is another, newer, shinier trend right around the corner. So, how can you make sure that your practice is keeping up with the latest Social Media trends?
Never fear, here at Veerspace, we’re here to help you navigate the Social Media waters. This week, we’ll give you three general tips that will help you stay afloat in Social Media no matter what the newest, current trend is.
  • Post frequently
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: If you want your Social Media to work for you, you have to be active. Now, being active means different things on different platforms. Instagram users will expect new pictures and short videos in their feed every day. Facebook users are usually happy with a new post two or three times a week. Youtube users are more than satisfied with a new video every week or so. But, no matter which platforms you’re working with, make sure you are posting new content at least once a week. When you post regularly, you can be sure that you are ahead of many other practices in the field.
  • Don’t go for the hard sell
This one is difficult for many practices and businesses in general. Many people think that, because they’re on Social Media to sell their services, they should be selling all the time. The truth is, Facebook and Instagram users see enough ads in their feed. They don’t need your practice to be another one. They don’t want to constantly see commercials telling them to come to visit your practice. What do they want? When patients follow doctor’s practices, they usually want information. Be sure to have posts and videos that give them the information they might not know. For example, you can post a “Myth Monday” video where you dispell common myths about a certain medical field, surgery or procedure. When you inform your patients instead of trying to sell them, you’ll see both your followers and your patients increase.
  • Post quality content
This is another point that many businesses and medical practices don’t really take the time to understand. Many people assume that as long as you are posting frequently, it doesn’t especially matter what you post. Though it is important to post frequently, it’s arguably more important to post content your followers want to see. Posting photos or videos that are not relevant to your practice is a sure way to lose followers and interest in your practice. When you post, it’s best to post photos of you and your staff. It’s also best to post videos featuring your office, your staff and you. When your content is relevant to your practice and services, your followers will appreciate you that much more.
If you follow these tips faithfully, we can almost guarantee you’ll be doing more than most of the other doctors and medspa owners on the market. These Social tips will help you wade through new social media trends and come out on top.