Is Your Website Holding You Back?: Tips for making sure your web presence is as awesome as your practice.
Is Your Website Holding you back?
We’ve talked a lot about Social Media. We’ve told you to be active on Social Media and we’ve taught you how to Advertise on Social Media. In all this talk about Facebook and Instagram, there’s one thing we’ve barely touched on. But, it is just as essential to your digital presence – your website.
In this new social media age, fewer and fewer people seem focused on their website. In fact, we’ve known a few practices that didn’t even bother having one. That is a mistake. No matter how many people visit your Facebook page, your website will still be your home on the internet. That’s where your patients can look to find frequently asked questions about your practice, learn more about your services and even purchase your products.
Because your website is your home, you need to make sure it looks presentable. So, in the spirit of helping create more beautiful websites, we’ve compiled our list of the top three things you need to make your website stand out from the rest.
  1.     Make sure your Grandma can use it.
This is a piece of advice we heard years ago from a web designer. He claimed that each time he made a new website, he sat his seventy-five-year-old grandmother at the computer and had her click through it. Why did he do that? To make sure that everyone would be able to find what they were looking for on the site. It shouldn’t matter if your website’s visitor is twenty-two or eighty-two they should be able to find all the pages, contact forms and information they need to learn about your practice and schedule their consultation.
  1. Have colors and graphics that match your message.
What does it mean to have colors that match your message? It means that you need graphics and colors that tell your patients what you and your practice is all about. Of course, you want the colors and graphics to be eye-catching. But, those eye-catching graphics won’t matter if they don’t say anything about what you do or who you are. How can you tell patients who you are? Use professional photos of you and your staff rather than stock photos of models. Have patient testimonials and maybe even videos of surgeries rather than the time lapse photos of a landscape. Choose a color scheme that won’t overwhelm your audience but that will make them think of you and your practice when they see it. Remember, when choosing a color scheme, pictures or wording for your website, never lose sight of your message.     
  1. Use long form copy as much as possible.
A good website should not only look good and stay on message. It also needs to be informative and utilize lots of text. That’s why you should put as much information as you can on your website. That should include a list of frequently asked questions, doctor biographies, in-depth information about your products and services and, perhaps, even a bi-weekly blog. When you have an informative website, not only are you able to give your patients a better sense of who you are, you are also more likely to rank well in Google, Yahoo and Bing searches. The more often your website pops up when a keyword is searched, the more likely people are to click on it.
These are general guidelines to make sure you have a good-looking, user-friendly website. If you would like help building that website, we can do that for you! Contact Veerspace to find out more about our Web Design and Branding services.