Posting is Not Advertising
Posting is Not Advertising: Do you know the difference between posting and advertising on Facebook?
You’re posting on Facebook, great! But, are you advertising your practice? There’s a big difference between simply posting videos or graphics to your practice Facebook page and advertising your practice.
When you simply post on your practice’s Facebook page, only people who Like or Follow your practice can see your posts unless those followers share your content. When you advertise or even simply boost your post people who may have never heard of your practice can see and engage with your videos, images and graphics.
So, how can you get started advertising on Social Media? Here are some questions to ask yourself before you get started:
Are you spending money on Social Media?
Posting on Facebook is free. Advertising is not. If you’re not putting at least a little bit of money behind your Facebook page, your practice won’t get the kind of exposure it needs. The good news is, Facebook advertising is much more affordable than more traditional kinds of advertising. Depending on the kind of advertising you choose to do on Social Media, you can spend as little as $0.01 per view. However, the effectiveness of those views all depends on getting your content in front of the right kinds of people.
This leads us to the next question you need to ask yourself before starting a Social Media Marketing campaign:
Do you know how to target your audience?
Before you post your advertisement on Facebook, you have to know who you want to see your content. Getting views or even likes doesn’t mean much if those don’t turn into new patients for your practice. And, if you want new patients, you have to know who is likely to be interested in your services. Are your patients more likely to be a certain age? A certain gender? Are you looking for people interested in self improvement? Are you only looking for people in your geographic area? All of these are things you can target in Facebook’s target audience feature. But, before you use the feature, you have to know exactly who your patients are and what they’re likely to want from you.
There’s one last thing you need to think about before you hit that publish ad button:
Do you know the rules and procedures for advertising on Facebook?
Just because you hit “publish” on your ad doesn’t mean people will automatically be able to see it. Advertisements on sites like Facebook and Instagram go through a thorough review process before being posted. These social media sites want to discourage false advertising and explicit images. So, anything that might be offensive to certain viewers could be rejected for advertisement. Before you post your ad, make sure you thoroughly review Facebook’s ad policies. Make sure your image, video or text doesn’t violate any of their rules.
Social Media advertising can feel complicated and confusing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of new things you need to learn, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Marketing companies like Veerspace specialize in Social Media advertising. They know the ins and outs of Facebook advertising and they can help you and your staff target your audiences, advertise your posts and get new followers the right way.
Bottom line: advertising is a must for gaining traction on Social Media. If you want to grow your practice, you have to learn how to advertise. If you don’t feel confident wading through Social media advertising on your own, seek help from professionals.