Make it Personal: Why Ads need a personal touch
So, you’re about to run a Facebook advertisement. Hopefully, you’ve got great graphics, good video quality, a fantastic product and a spot on message. Those are all great things to have. Even if you have all of that, there’s still one thing you’re missing. What is that one thing? Your staff!
It’s something I’ve found a lot of practice heads don’t think about. It might not immediately occur to you to put your Physicians’ aid in a photo along with the botox injections you’re trying to sell. But, the truth is, having your team visible in your marketing will help you sell.
Here are three main reasons
1.People buy other people. Not products
Think about your favorite commercial on TV. What elements does it have that made you stop and take notice? If you’re like most people, the ad wasn’t just made of bright colors and cool graphics. Your favorite ad probably included some people. They might have been actors or “regular people” but, most likely, people were involved in the images you saw. Why is that? People like to buy things from other people. And not just from anyone. They like to buy things from people they can connect with. This goes double for medical practices. When you’re putting your health in someone’s hands, you want to be able to trust them. You can’t trust someone you haven’t seen. That’s why they need to see you and your staff as much as possible.
  1. People like to know who they’re doing business with
This is another general rule that goes double for medical practices. When most people go to a doctor’s appointment, even for a consultation, they’re going to feel nervous. Those nerves will be doubled if they don’t recognize anyone in the office. Even recognizing the receptionist from a picture on Social Media will help them feel more at ease. So, if you want to put your patients nerves to rest, start the process before they even walk through your door. Start by introducing your staff to your patients via Social Media.
  1. Everyone likes a good story
Another funny thing about humans is our love of stories. We go to movies, read books and TV shows because we like to hear stories about other people and their lives. The same is true of your clients. If you tell them the story of how you started your practice or your office manager tells them how she came to work for you and what she loves about her job, patients will feel an instant connection. People are more likely to go to a doctor who they feel connected to. The best way to connect to people? Tell them your story.
When you make your practice personal, patients will feel comfortable coming to you. If you tell your patients who your staff are, you can make a connection before those patients even step through the doors of your office.