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Based near the medical center of San Antonio, Texas, we’ve spent enough time in the Aesthetics and health care industry to see the mistakes others have made. We’ve helped cosmetic surgeons, OBGYN’s and Medspa owners both in Texas and around the country avoid those mistakes. We know what to do to make your brand succeed and help your practice grow.

Digital Marketing

We provide a team of web designers, consultants and graphic specialists who will assess your practice and discover its unique marketing needs. Veerspace works to make sure your website, your social media page, your business pages and reviews are all active, positive and thriving.

Social Media Management

Advertising on Social Media can be complicated. Veerspace makes it easy! Our advertising specialists know the ins and outs of marketing on all social media platforms. With their help, your practice will have professional, engaging content on Instagram and Facebook that will get you noticed and get you patients!

Brand Management

At Veerspace, we know that each practice is unique. We will work with you to discover your patient’s needs and help you create a brand that will fulfill those needs. We take your location, services and personality into account to create a branding campaign that is perfect for you and your future patients!

Web Design

Our creative team will handle every aspect of your website. From the color scheme and icons on your homepage, to your content and regular updates, we can give you a clean, beautifully designed website that will catch the eye of your patients and bring them into your office.

Video Production

Our professional photographers and videographers will ensure that your videos and photographs are miles ahead of your competition. At Veerspace, we provide studio quality images of your staff and office environment.

Graphic Design

Does your logo need an update? Our graphic design team has you covered! Working with your brand, our designers will create beautiful images and motion graphics that will grab patient’s attention and bring them to you.


Branding is the most important aspect of any business. That’s as true in Aesthetics as it is in any other venture. At Veerspace, we utilize web design, social media, and written content to create a consistent and stimulating brand that will draw patients to your practice. The stronger your brand, the healthier your practice. Veerspace will work every day to make sure your practice is as healthy as it can be.


When you choose Veerspace for your marketing, you’re not just getting a social media agency, you’re getting a partner. We guide our doctors and surgeons through the ever-changing process of advertising on social media and in the digital world. Our team will work with you to make sure that your campaigns and outreach programs are as successful as possible.


At Veerspace, we seek to provide you and your practice with a completely personalized experience. When you sign up with Veerspace, our expert team will perform a complete evaluation of all your digital platforms. Then, your personal account manager will go over our evaluation with you, listen to what you want to gain from digital marketing and design a plan that is unique to you. We understand that every doctor and every practice is different. That’s why we don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions.
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New Leads

Average Leads/Day

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

We’ve helped practices create successful promotions that bring in up to 20 leads per day! Our clients include providers new to Aesthetics as well as established practices. Our marketing specialists can run effective campaigns that bring in new patients to your practice every day. When you partner with Veerspace, you’re getting a team that has been tested and proven effective!

Client: Established Practice
Market: Shreveport,LA
Campaign: Botox Offer

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